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I have been a fully qualified Holistic Massage Therapist since 2008 and a trained Tantric Therapist since 2011. Through my own journey of self-discovery, I discovered the ancient art of Tantra and the wonderful combination of breathing, meditation & massage. I was immediately drawn to the deep sense of wellbeing and relaxation, heightened pleasure, the sexual healing and wholeness that Tantric Massage brings to the receiver.


I am passionate about the work of Tantra and I enjoy helping individuals receive the remarkable healing benefits of Tantric Massage. I am always aiming to refine my Tantric massage skills. It’s a journey for me as well as for you. My aim is to help you awaken and find yourself through experiencing deep pleasure and relaxation. Become aware of who you are, learn to love yourself and accept yourself for the perfect being you already are. I encourage you to discover this wondrous healing world with me through the ancient art of Tantric Massage.

To teach tantra is a blessing


Tantra by Tarryn - Authentic Tantric Massage Bristol



Tarryn offers Authentic Tantric Massage as a Therapy. With a combination of breathing, meditation & massage you'll experience the wonderful benefits that tantric massage brings. Reconnect with yourself, your partner. Work on ejaculation control. Relax your body and liberate your mind with an authentic tantric massage. 

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