Best way to contact me...

I am very seldom able to answer phone calls, and emails often get delayed.

It's best to text me on my mobile, especially if you are looking for a short notice appointment. I normally respond within the hour. I am often able to accommodate you same day. Text me by suggesting when suits you best for your appointment and I'll check my calendar.

Non-UK numbers: Please use Whatsapp to contact me, or else email if you prefer. 

I look forward to hearing from you... Tarryn x


I offer my tantric massages from my dedicated tantra studio in my house in BS2.   I'm close to the city centre and easy to get to from the motorway. There is plenty of free parking around the area.  My tantra studio has a peaceful ambience with soft candle light, and it is appropriately heated or cooled. You're welcome to freshen up at my house, however due to renovations only my bath is connected. It's probably advisable to arrive freshly showered if you can but it not you are welcome to have a bath here. 



Tarryn offers Authentic Tantric Massage as a Therapy. With a combination of breathing, meditation & massage you'll experience the wonderful benefits that tantric massage brings. Reconnect with yourself, your partner. Work on ejaculation control. Relax your body and liberate your mind with an authentic tantric massage. 

Shamballa Energy Healing

Guided Meditation

Naked Therapy TM

Swedish Massage

Authentic Tantric Massage

Couples Tantric Massage

Prostate Massage

Lingam / Yoni Massage

Arousal Management

Mindful Masturbation


Bristol BS2



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