Tantra by Tarryn - Tantric Massage Bristol


I am very nervous. Is this normal?​​

Most of my clients arrive with a certain degree of nervousness. This is quite normal and will fade as soon as your session begins. I have been complimented on making clients feel extremely comfortable and at ease.

Do you have any client restrictions?​​​

My Tantric Massages are beneficial for woman, men and couples. There is no age restriction, however you need to be over 18 years of age. The ages of my clients vary between 25 and 80.​

What do I need to bring for my Tantric Massage?

Please bring an open heart and the willingness to let go of worrying thoughts. Please bring an openness to receive and the indulgence to let yourself go. Bring your donation prepared in cash or you can do a Paypal transaction.​ Unfortunately I do not have card facilities.

Do you provide shower facilitities?

Yes please shower here. It's ideal to start your massage with a clean and refreshed body.

Do you offer an outcall service?​

I only offer treatments at my studio in Bristol.

Why is the breathing so important in my Tantric Massage?​​

Tantric breathing encourages your muscles to relax, even during high erotic states. It also keeps you in the present moment, making it difficult to wander off. As the massage progresses and the erotic charges build, the breathing helps circulate your sexual energy throughout your body. Tantric breathing also helps with ejaculation control. I will work very closely with you, guiding you in your Tantric breathing, keeping you in the present moment, enabling you to experience all your erotic body sensations.

I have erection problems. Is your Tantric Massage suitable for me?​​

Yes it is suitable for you. Lingam massage is very pleasant regardless of erection. Tantra is not goal-orientated and you are not required to be erect or have an orgasm. Also, you have many erogenous zones throughout your entire body. My Tantric Massage can have a positive influence on mentally-based erection problems. Thanks to the safe and relaxed environment, without pressure or fear, you can relax deeply and experience your own sensuousness in a very intense way.

Can your Tantric Massage enrich my sexual life in a partnership?​

Definitely! Whether you come together or alone, the touch which you receive is great inspiration for intimate touch in your partnership. Moreover, during the massage you may encounter new dimensions to your sexuality. You will learn how being present in the moment, taking your time & tuning into your partners' sexual energy can greatly enrich your sexual relations.

What do you wear during your treatments?

All my treatments are offered in a natural naturist environment. We are both in the nude.

Do you offer any extras?

I only offer what's mentioned on the prices page. I am a professional therapist, I'm not an escort. The intention with my work is therapeutic, even though there's nudity and genital touching, it's still therapeutic. I do not offer full sex, oral sex, dress up, role play, or any touching of myself.

Do you have parking facilities?

Yes there is plenty of free parking around the area.