​Tie & Tease Tantric Massage
​60 min - £100

An adventurous experience on the massage couch with blindfold, soft bondage, teasing, toy, prostate massage and Orgasmic Wave. It's a naturist massage for male or female clients.

Couples Tantric Massage
​60 min - £130 (taster session)
90 min - £170 (recommended)
120 min - £200 (recommended)

This is an excellent way for couples to reconnect and strengthen their loving bond. We massage him together, and we massage her together. It's a naturist massage within your personal boundaries.

​Sensual Swedish Massage
​60 min - £80

Not tantra, but still a very relaxing medium firm Swedish massage with a sensual twist. It's a naturist massage for male or female clients.

Reverse Massage
Part of your session

Your chance to massage me. I do not allow any genital touching of myself. Please mention to me, before we start your session, whether you would like to include the Reverse Massage.

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Tarryn offers Authentic Tantric Massage as a Therapy. With a combination of breathing, meditation & massage you'll experience the wonderful benefits that tantric massage brings. Reconnect with yourself, your partner. Work on ejaculation control. Relax your body and liberate your mind with an authentic tantric massage. 

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