Tantra by Tarryn | Tantric Massage in Bristol | Frequently Asked Questions

So, knowing how to wash yourself properly is just one of those common sense things. Right? As the British can be a bit prudish it may not have been formally taught in your upbringing, But there are levels of cleanliness. You’ve got your day to day, not smell like a sweaty sock or make your co-workers awkward around you as they are too polite to say: “I imagine your were rushing to be on time for work you missed your shower?”. There’s your regular socially acceptable level and then there’s being ready for an intimate sexual encounter level or receiving an intimate massage. Which we call…… “sex hygiene”.


By that I mean being ready for getting lucky with someone you have been courting or in many cases just receiving bodywork, like a tantric massage. For men, if we are going to be sexual the environment and the cleanliness of the person may not adversely affect our arousal or enthusiasm. As long as a man likes the person, then it’s all good. The floor is a bit dirty, cold, hard or the person has just been a gym class, not shaved their legs recently. None of these things really put a man off his goal. But for a woman it’s very different, the opposite in fact. Having to stop mid congress because you have been asked to take a shower can ruin the flow, and spoil the moment. If your receiving bodywork then although you are paying for the session the masseuse will probably be more engaged in your treatment if your “sex hygiene” clean or you will get repulsion energy from the massage therapist and that can affect your enjoyment of the experience.


So, down to business. Sex hygiene clean is where you need to be, for your sake in an intimate encounter, as well as theirs.


Finger & Toe Nails

Clean under your nails, if you can scrape under them with a tool then you can soak them to lift the dirt out from underneath them. Trimming them is essential and getting rid of any sharp corners. Scratching can be nice but only when its intentionally used with consent. Feeling a sharp jab whilst having sensitive areas touched is not good, or welcome.



Sweat is produced to help keep the body cool when exercising so hot hater is pumped out, If we get too hot we pass out. Sweat is not just water, it’s urine, lactic acid and quite a bit of salt. Sometimes we sweat when we exercise or when we are stressed. So does someone really want to be touching your sweaty discharge? Probably not. Don’t mask it with deodorant, as the sweat is still on your skin and the other person may find the smell overpowering. Best to use anti-perspirant, It’s does the job. Also think about what you will be wearing or engaging in before the pleasant encounter and how it can make you sweat.


Armpits & Shoulders

Extra scrubbing is necessary here. A lot of sweat is excreted here and can cling to the hairs. The area between the shoulder blades can often be missed and often is one of the first places to produce sweat. Don’t pass this by.


Anus & Buttocks

Now you may be thinking that no-ones going to go near your anus. But it’s the smell that can come from there. Some men have perianal hair and when they wipe after pooing, some debris clings to those hairs. Yuck! Make sure that area is super clean, the crease between the buttocks holds a lot of sweat.

Head of the Penis & Under the foreskin

So if your intimate encounter has got this far then really make sure you take care of this part, or it could all crash fast leaving you high and dry. Smegma is the build up of moisture, dead skin cells and oils of the penis. When it is allowed to build up is has an unpleasant smell. It looks like thin cream cheese . Not nice. It’s nothing to do with a STD, These oils and moisture are naturally and produced to stop the skin becoming dry and itchy.


This is not such an issue for a circumcised penis, but it’s always worth spending time cleaning here anyway as fluff from your underpants cling to the penis head. The head of the penis produces a lubricant during arousal then assist in penetration. If you have a foreskin make sure you pull is right back and clean totally under the corona of the head of the penis.


Trimming Errant Hairs

Now is time to get the scissors up the nostrils and remove those hairs that just poke out. Around the ears and another place we often forget about and don’t notice. But when your up close with someone you don’t what the persistent thought “wow, that’s a big nostril hair, I really want to pluck it out” To distract their attention.



Sex hygiene clean takes some time, but it’s worth it. Even if your intimate encounter does not happen. That extra level of grooming and self care, can bring feelings of confidence and self respect. Knowing you’re are immaculately groomed and ready for anything should you get lucky. Having that feeling in your daily life is an attractive force.