Tarryn offers Authentic Tantric Massage as a Therapy. With a combination of breathing, meditation & massage you'll experience the wonderful benefits that tantric massage brings. Reconnect with yourself, your partner. Work on ejaculation control. Relax your body and liberate your mind with an authentic tantric massage. 

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My tantric treatments include the Authentic Tantra on the Futon, and the Couples Tantric Massage.


I offer my tantric sessions to males, females and couples of any background, age, sexual orientation, religion and experience.


When you arrive at my upmarket and discreet tantric studio I will welcome you with a warm friendly smile and show you to my treatment room. You will be offered a hot shower whilst I prepare my tantric massage room with soft candle light, soothing music and aromatic incense. After your shower we will have a short chat clarifying your intention and motivation. I will give you guidelines to follow throughout the tantric massage session to create the conditions for you to have the best experience possible. I will invite you to give up complete control in every aspect - a tantric massage requires you to abandon inhibitions, insecurities, and any expectations you may have.


With the 90 min and 2 hour sessions we start with a guided meditation to help you switch off and forget about the outside world. We can also include a reverse massage in longer sessions. With my healing and nurturing hands I will stroke and caress your entire body. Whilst lying on your front on the futon I create a intimate sacred space by holding you, breathing with you and caressing you with my upper body. Through being present, attentive, accepting and caring a healing energy emerges.​ I will then ask you to turn over to gently massage your front. (If you are male I will then proceed with the prostate massage if that is your choice.)


My tantric massage ends with the "Orgasmic Wave" for male clients or the Yoni Massage for female clients. The Orgasmic Wave is a phrase I invented to describe the procession of the lingam massage. It refers to the building up to orgasm, then backing down from the orgasm. It’s like riding the waves of ecstasy. After about 15 or 20 minutes of riding this orgasmic wave you will be flooded with endorphins, resulting in a mood and energy boost that could last for hours. The Orgasmic Wave could help with premature ejaculation as you will improve your body awareness. The Yoni Massage is a slow build up to heightened arousal, also flooding you with endorphins. Although tantra is not goal-orientated, the Orgasmic Wave or Yoni massage could result in a mind-blowing orgasmic experience. 


After the tantric massage session you are welcome to have another shower and give me some feedback on your experience if you wish.