Tantra by Tarryn - Tantric Massage Bristol


As we are multifaceted beings, Tantric Massage can benefit you on many levels -


​​• Escape from the stresses of daily life

• Experience intense pleasure & whole body heightened arousal 

• Experience the gratifying feeling of receiving without having to reciprocate

• Get help with & understand ejaculation control

• Improve your libido

• Release endorphins in your brain

• Claim your right to feel pampered and cared for

• Improve your feeling of self-worth

• Learn to let go & liberate your mind

• Learn to love yourself & your body

• Get to know yourself - create Body, Mind & Soul awareness 

• Build confidence & overcome shyness

• Have greater intimacy in all your relationships

• Clear any sexual blockages, promoting sexual healing & wholeness


The standard sensual massage is primarily focussed on the physical and it is goal orientated. The "success" of the massage relies on you having an erection and eventually ejaculation. That's all good & well & it's still a very relaxing and stimulating experience.


However, an authentic tantric massage is a holistic approach to relaxation and goes way beyond just the physical. A tantric massage focusses on your emotional, physical, spiritual and sexual health - all at once. It focuses on all your erogenous zones, not just your genitals. The massage itself is done with a different intention and energy, leaving you feeling pampered and nurtured on deeper levels. Tantra is not goal-orientated, although it's a very welcome side effect.


With my guidance you will have a deeper and more meaningful experience. Your senses will be heightened and you will learn to quiet your mind, and reconnect with your sexual energy. The breathing techniques that you acquire during your tantric massage will help you to control your most natural human impulses. You may find that issues you once had, such as premature ejaculation, are significantly helped once you learn how to refocus your mind and enjoy pleasure in the present moment, rather than a "means to an end". You will get to know yourself in new ways and discover parts of your inner being that you weren't previously aware of. The end result will likely be more powerful than you ever could have imagined.

So you're wondering what justifies the price difference between the two treatments ?

With a tantric massage session you get :

- a much more nurturing touch with healing energy intention

- body slides

- holding and breathing together that makes you feel cared for

- prostate massage

- 20 min edging (orgasmic wave) with a welcome climax

- guidance on how to switch off completely during the session

- advice on stress management techniques in your daily life

- help with ejaculation control or orgasm issues

- after care service (I'm always here for advice after your session)